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Veterans Disability Benefits and Appeals Glendale AZ

We Stand Up For The Rights of Disabled U.S. Veterans

Veterans have benefits afforded to them upon their discharge from military service. When a Veteran has suffered a disabling injury, while on active duty or because of his or her time while in the military, that Veteran has the right to apply for disability compensation through the Veterans Administration (VA). There are many reasons and/or technicalities the VA uses to deny Veterans those benefits. Applying for benefits can a long and complicated process. Veterans have many choices they can use when first applying for help. However, once a Veteran has applied, and been turned down for benefits, we may be able help you to obtain what you are entitled to receive.

If the VA does approve your claim, you will receive a rating from between 10 percent and 100 percent disabled. You may not agree with the rating the VA gives you, or you may believe the VA did not approve you for all of the claims you brought. The rating you receive determines how much compensation you will receive and how much care you will be given by the VA. Some or all of the medical care may be at no cost to you. However, for any claim for benefits to be approved, you must establish three things through evidence you provide to the VA;

You must have a current disability. Even if your disability or medical condition became apparent after you left military service, you can still be entitled to some form of benefit. However, you cannot receive a benefit from a medical issue or disability you currently do not have.

You must be able to show that the medical condition or disability was caused by or during your military service. Your medical issue or disability may be an aggravation of a pre-existing condition from a disease or injury, but it must have been while in service. The medical injury or disability must have been while in service or within a short period of time afterward for you to be approved for compensation.

You must prove that there is a link between the current disability and the in-service disease or medical condition, injury or event. This means that you need to show that the problem arose because of something that happened while you were in service in the military.

What we can do for you:

Our staff are all either military Veterans or family members of Veterans. We understand what it means to sacrifice for our great nation. We will help you through the appeal process through the regional office, the appeals court and if necessary, we can take your case to the Federal Circuit Court of Appeals. We will thoroughly research your claim, obtain your medical records and service records to find the causal connection between your injury and your military service. We will help you deal with the VA staff and through the complicated set of laws that govern VA claims. We will argue your case in front of the appeals court and keep moving your case along through every appeal necessary to get you the benefits you are entitled to receive.

Come to us, if you need:

Help with an initial consultation to determine the validity of your claim;

Filing your claim and help guiding you through the process;

If you have already been denied, we will help you file your appeal;

Completing the forms for appeal, researching your case and obtaining your records;

Handling all contact with the VA

Preparing and submitting an analysis of the events that happened to you during your military service to substantiate your claim;

Prepare you for all hearings with the VA; and

Representing you throughout the pendency of your claim.

Veterans' Families and Surviving Spouses or Children

We can also help many people receive benefits other than just Veterans. A Veteran is a person who served in active military in any of our five military branches; Army, Navy, Marine Corp, Air Force or Coast Guard. As long as you received a discharge that was not dishonorable, you likely are entitled to benefits from the VA. However, a Veteran's surviving spouse may be entitled to receive benefits. Surviving spouses may receive Dependency and Indemnity Compensation (DIC) and Death Benefits from active service members and Veterans who die of service-related-injuries as long as they meet certain criteria. If you were not aware of these benefits or have been denied these benefits, we may be able to help you. Also, in some instances surviving children of service members and Veterans may receive DIC and Death Pension benefits. Children must be under 18, or 23 if a student and not married.
Legal Fees:

You may be wondering how to pay a law firm to handle your case. The VA knows that certain appeals may go on for years. The more complicated cases may not be resolved for quite some time. When these appeals take time, the VA will pay you a lump sum that is retroactive to the time your original claim was filed. We understand that as well and we do not take any money up front for our services. We will ask you to allow us to deduct 20 percent of the lump sum payment you receive to pay for our fees. Some lawyers might charge you for as much as 33 percent. Those lawyers will collect that directly from the Veteran. However, we will never charge you more than 20 percent, and our fee comes directly from the lump sum of back-pay you receive from the VA, so you never have to come out of pocket to pay for our help.

Already Been Denied or Disagree With Your Rating?

Call today to schedule an appointment. We are here to help all Veterans receive the money they deserve. You sacrificed so much for our country, you deserve to receive the care and benefits you are entitled to. If you were denied benefits or were not approved for everything you claimed on your initial application, call us for help with your appeal. Veterans law is complicated and the appeals can be stressful. Let us help you through it all.

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